Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market

Dark0de Market is one of the prominent darknet markets that offer extensive lists of products and services to offer.

The darknet market hosts more diverse categories even though Digital and Drugs remain the most popular ones. The intuitive user interface and finding system allow you to find what you need more effectively. You may find categories in Dark0de Market that are unavailable in other darknet markets.
Unlike other darknet markets that employ a pay-per-order system, Dark0de Market remains resilient in embracing the account wallet system.

At this point, the escrowed and deposit funds are exposed to vulnerabilities of being hacked and exit scam targets. However, customers may find it’s still considerable as Dark0de Market only charges 3.5% from every sale for its commission.

Dark0de Market has become a very competitive darknet market regardless of the security issue that might appear.

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Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Homepage

Time would tell whether Dark0de Market would be the greatest darknet market e-commerce platform as claimed in their vision.

While it’s a little bit old school, Dark0de Market wants to provide a secure market as possible by storing sensitive data in the shortest session.

There would be tons of captcha to get through when you’re browsing services in Dark0de Market to prevent the possibility of DDOS attacks. As you’ve been idle for 10 minutes, your session is out and you’d be signed out of your account.

It’s a little bit frustrating as you’d get another captcha request as you’re staying on the same page for a while. However, it’s the best possible security practice that can be embraced by old-school darknet platforms like Dark0de Market.
The so-called buyer request system is the prominent feature of Dark0de Market you can respect. While it’s still limited, you can basically create custom orders based on your preferences and requirements.

You can determine the types of products/services, price you want to pay, quantity, and specific qualities. It works similarly to the Want To Buy(WTB) feature in many markets. You can also set where the order should be delivered to inform the sellers about the location.

There are more ultimate features that Dark0de wants to bring into the darknet market experience through their platform. While some of them are still in the development stages, Dark0de’s darknet platform blueprints are quite promising.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Listings For Sale

Basics to Know Before Using Dark0de

Dark0de is a darknet market where you need to comprehend some basics before starting to use it.

Since Dark0de supports payment with BTC and XMR, you’d need to know how to get, transfer, and store those two crypto coins. You must be able to browse with Tor browser and decrypt the PGP message for browsing the darknet market.

Familiarity in OPSEC is fundamental to embrace the best possible security and privacy practices when using Dark0de. You’re strongly recommended to only use the Tor Browser to connect to Dark0de.
You must be familiar with Tor to use Dark0de so you can remove the activity traces that could be security and privacy issues for yourself.

It’s recommended to use a dedicated computer or device where you store no private or sensitive data when accessing Dark0de if you can’t use it. Those are the best possible practice to secure your data and information when accessing the darknet market in general.
Learning how to use cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and Moreno is highly required for Dark0de users. Moreno is generally more recommended for Dark0de purchases as it employs more private blockchain technology that reduces the traceability of the transactions.

Following the OPSEC standard procedure, you better use Moreno when browsing and purchasing services on darknet markets from now on.
When using the Tor browser, you must turn off the JavaScript to establish a connection with Dark0de with some simple steps. In the address bar of your Tor browser, you must type “about:config” and proceed with the warning and access the configuration options by clicking the “show all” button. Find the “javascript’ option and change it into “false”. As the javascript has been disabled, you can now visit Dark0de Market safely.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Register/Login

Register An Account

At this stage, you’re required to set the username(private and public), password, and PIN code.

Avoid using a username that’s related to your real ID or to your real-life information to reduce traceability and that must be applied for both private and public username in Dark0de. Store your password and PIN codes safely in an encrypted file or with a password management tool.

Fill the registration form correctly and confirm it with “Create your Account”.
Login into Your Account
During the registrations, you may have to solve several captchas before you move to the next steps.Once your registration has been confirmed, you’d be redirected to the Dark0de Market’s main screen. You can log in from there.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Registration Form

Import PGP Key

Importing the PGP public to your account profile is a fundamental step you must take after registration has been completed. The practice allows you to establish encrypted communications with other users and it’s fundamental for using Dark0de in general. You can navigate to the “Settings’ ‘ option that’s located in the upper-right corner of your account page.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market

Look for the “Add PGP key” filling the text box and type or paste your PGP public there. Confirm your filling and you’d be straightforwardly informed whether or not the PGP key you’ve inputted is correct.
You’d then have to use the PGP private key to decrypt a message by pasting it into the corresponding box.

Click the Continue button and Dark0de would redirect you back to the Settings interface but you’d be shown with “Successfully added PGP Key ” on top of your screen which is the message you’ve decrypted with your private PGP key.
During PGP Key importing, there would be a series of captcha requests.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Adding PGP to Dark0de Market

Configure Security Settings

Actually, you can now start browsing in Dark0de Market but you better configure some security settings again on the “Settings” before purchasing anything in the market. You need to enable the two-factor authentication system and add your xpub key if you use Bitcoin.

Enable 2FA System

You can find the two-factor authentication system below the PGP key box. By enabling the 2FA system, the private key should be employed to decrypt the message as you’re logging in to your account.

This way, you’d have layered protection against unauthorized access to your Dark0de account. Enabling the 2FA system is strongly recommended for the darknet market, in general, whenever available.

Add xpub Key (optional)

Since Dark0de supports payment with Bitcoin, then you need to add your Bitcoin Public key that’s required by the escrow system of Dark0de to enable access to multi-signature transactions.

You can find your xpub key on your crypto wallet. Paste the xpub into the text box below the 2FA configuration. It’s strongly recommended to set up a crypto wallet if you still don’t have one now.

That’s secure yet recommended practice especially when you’re using darknet marketplaces like Dark0de. After these configurations, you can now start browsing and purchasing in the Dark0de platform. Take your time when registering and configuring Dark0de account settings.

Making Deposits on Dark0de Market

Before you can purchase things in Dark0de Market, you’d need to make a deposit just like a generic marketplace.

The traditional account wallet approach makes Dark0de a little bit old-school but it’s more attractive for new darknet users who have been familiar with e-commerce or traditional marketplace.

At this point, you’d need to transfer XMR and/or BTC from your crypto wallet to your Dark0de account and hold them there for making purchases within the platform.

Each deposit has a unique address to which you transfer your XMR or BTC. The time you make another deposit, there would be a different address so you’d lose your coins if you transfer them to the address of your first deposit. Be careful when making deposits in Dark0de Market and ensure that you send the coins to the correct/updated address.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Bitcoin Deposit

Since you’re forced to hold some of your digital coins in a Dark0de account, you better make a deposit only if you’ve found something you want to purchase in Dark0de and limit the amount. Holding large XMR or BTC balances in Dark0de isn’t a recommended practice as it’s not as secure as your personal crypto wallet.
Choosing whether Monero or Bitcoin is better for Dark0de purchases remains debatable. However, XMR employs more private blockchain than BTC does where the transactions are harder to be traced which makes it more recommended for darknet uses.

However, XMR is generally more difficult to learn and to get as not all major crypto exchanges offer Monero. If you can get XMR, then it’s your best bet for making purchases in Dark 0d. In the circumstances where you can obtain Monero or face unbearable difficulties with the coins, you can use Bitcoin.
After browsing Dark0de Market for a while, you might have found things you want to purchase and this is the time for you to make a deposit to your Dark0de market. You can follow these steps.

  1. On the top center of your screen, you can click your balance(BTC/XMR). That’s the main interface that displays the amount of balance currently available in your Dark0de account. As your deposit has been confirmed, your balance would be updated there.
  2. There would be a deposit address that’s only valid for a ONE-time deposit. You’d be provided with a new address the next time you want to make another deposit. At this point, you need to do step one to ensure you obtain and use the address that’s valid for a deposit you want to make.
  3. You can follow the deposit procedure just like transferring coins to other wallets. The deposit process may take anywhere between ten minutes and one hour. The crypto network would send you a confirmation message that your deposit has been confirmed. It’s generally faster to make a deposit with XMR. You’d find your balance is updated as the XMR/BTC deposit has been successfully added from your crypto wallet to your Dark0de account.The withdrawal process is quite similar and uses the same page except that you’d proceed it reversely from your Dark0de account balance and you’d be charged with a 2.5% fee for any amount of XMR/BTC withdrawal.

Browsing in Dark0de Market

Dark0de Market has developed into a popular darknet market with extensive product listings despite its very young establishment.

Dark0de has managed diverse interests into categories and subcategories so you can easily navigate to relevant topics/products/services you want to search.

You can apply different filters on your Dark0de search including by the price, country of origin, listing type, and the “dead drops’ ‘ city. As this article is written, Dark0de’s categories include drugs, vendors equipment, carding, civil software, network service, database, surveillance, digital forensic, tobacco, forgery, private security, money laundering, gold, currency, digital, tutorials, confidential info, and electronics. Dark0de breaks down these categories into substantial subcategories popular among darknet users.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
advanced search

Dark0de hosts diverse vendors/providers/sellers from around the world but it also has a helpful star rating system that helps you find trustworthy and reliable ones. At this point, you can go straightforwardly to choose relevant vendors with the highest possible rating that represent their performance and experience.
You’d be first presented with the names of relevant products or services you’re searching for. In the listing, there is a hyperlinked seller’s name that would redirect you to their profile page as you click it. The listing also informs you of the rating of those particular products/services, the seller’s overall rating, and the number of sales the seller has made. If you want to expect quick delivery, you may consider vendors with their Finalize Early(FE) mode enabled. Check also the availability, stock of products, and the number of views the listing has.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Vendor Rating

Just like using a generic marketplace, you need to research further about vendor’s details by visiting their profile page. Here you can obtain more thorough information about the base location, shipment coverage, and other information for buyers/users.

You can check all available listings by the vendor, particular guidelines, reviews, and policies may apply. You’d have a better overview and make a more solid decision after researching through details of the vendor before making an order.

When you want to make a deal with a vendor, you want to have an overview of the overall experience. To start a communication with a vendor, find the PGP key on the same page to encrypt messages.
Dark0de also applies an ultimate leveling system to their vendor population where it imports positive feedback of the vendor from other darknet markets instead of solely from the Dark0de market.

Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Vendor Guidelines

This way you can get an overview about how good and trustworthy the vendor is when providing services or products. In Dark0de market, most users would vet vendors with Gold and Diamond level than the others. These high level vendors typically offer reliable services and products in the darknet market that allow them to obtain the special vendor status.

Even though it doesn’t guarantee 100% of assurance that things would work 100% fine, the status refers to the overall user experience that’s typically a workable reference, especially when hiring vendors in the darknet market.
On the other hand, Dark0de also disclose information and even warn you about vendors with problematic records by putting “under investigation” on their listings. At this point, you can simply skip and avoid this kind of listings and vendors when browsing in Dark0de.

Placing an Order in Dark0de Market

There are two main types of order in Dark0de Market based on the payment that can be made: Escrow orders and Finalize Early orders. The standard version of Dark0de orders are the escrow orders where your funds are held in the Dark0de’s escrow services and would be released to the vendors as you’ve received and completed the order, just like conventional marketplace. Payment can be made through the vendors. The Finalize Early orders allows the vendors to receive the fund as soon as they’ve delivered the finished order to buyers.
Bitcoin-paid orders can theoretically use a multi-signature escrow to proceed with the transactions but it’s rarely endorsed by vendors in Dark0de so you practically have two types of order to choose. The reimbursement of FE orders wouldn’t proceed if the buyers don’t receive the order. At this point, you better use a reputable vendor only to place an FE order.
Placing an order in Dark0de involves simple steps but you need to carefully carry them out.

Check these following steps once you’ve found service/product in Dark0de you want to buy:

  1. In the listing page, determine how many quantities you want to order the service/product and select how you want it shipped. There might be several shipping options enabled by the vendors that are typically disclosed in their profile page. Select the XMR or BTC balance you want to spend for the order and select the order button that would checkout your order. Otherwise, you can add the product to the cart if you want to shop around and make checkout at once.
  2. In the check out page, you’d need to enter your address. The Dark0de’s server would automatically encrypt information, details, and communications related to the order placement so PGP encryption isn’t necessary. However, you’d still need to encrypt your communications with vendors.
  3. Confirm your checkout by clicking the “complete” button. Dark0de would proceed with your order instantly and pass the details to the vendors. After receiving orders, vendors would prepare the items and shipment. Just like other marketplace, you can trace updates of your menu on the order page that you can access from the “Orders’ ‘ option in the Dark0de main menu.
  4. Vendors would mark your order as shipped as they’ve shipped it in one or another way, depending on the products or services you’ve bought. As you’ve received the shipment/delivery, you must finalize the order so Dark0de escrow would release the funds to the vendor. Of course, you better check the delivery first whether or not it suits what’s dealt with in the first place.
    You can file a dispute when the delivery never comes up or as it’s not what was expected. Dark0de’s moderators would proceed with your request and look at the case, examine proofs, and make decisions on who will receive funds in the escrow. At this point, choosing the best suitable vendor and listing may reduce the chances of disputes. As it might not be inevitable in the future, you know how to settle the dispute.
    Dark0de is an overall promising darknet market platform. While it’s a little bit old-school, the leveling system, rating system, and imported reviews allow you to get the best possible vendor for your needs. There are various categories and subcategories that accommodate the most popular products and services in darknet markets in general. They also apply layered captcha, 2FA system, and message encryption that are quite improved security measures for a darknet market. Monero payment option is a respective feature that gives your a higher degree of privacy when using darknet services. The rest is about choosing a reputable vendor and suitable service/product in Dark0de.
Dark0de Market Guide – How To Use Dark0de Market
Dark0de Market Order

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