DarkFox Market Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market

DarkFox Market has been around in the darknet area for a year. Darkfox market considered as the
youngster amongst the darknet enthusiasts, it has been attracting numerous members rapidly
from early 2021.

DarFox Market URL: http://ii5thfjukpbax5uh3lobj3sl5dkhmbhrkhrybllrwzv6r3e4wpy24yad.onion

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
Darkfox DDOS captcha screen
Key features for Darkfox market

1) You can views listings before you even register to the market.
2) Really easy to use traditional escrow wallet
3) Secure multisig bitcoin payment
4) Carding shop
5) easy to register vendor
6) PGP security feature

By the time we wrote this guide, there were around 7k listings in the marketplace. As expected
from the darknet marketplace, the Drugs category boasts around 30% of the total listings.
DarkFox is a serious platform for black market items. Its interface is user-friendly and
straightforward. The first-timers won’t have any problem exploring the platform and finding the
items that they want to purchase.

The platform comes with a good quality internal search engine with advanced filters that will
ensure the buyers can find the specific items they want to add to their shop basket.
DarkFox Market is pretty open for non-member visitors. Although you haven’t registered to the
site, you can view the product listings. So, you can give it a quick check before deciding to be
their member or not.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market

Many users got helped with this feature because they can explore thespecific sub-categories. It is also a great option for window shoppers. We think that it is a great strategy to attract new users to assess the site first before joining.
It is also popular because of its ample security. The CAPTCHA system is very sophisticated so
that many users are complaining about the tests since they often failed to pass. But there’s a
silver lining from it.

It means that the platform is not prone to cyber-attacks. You can rest
assured that those who are using the sites are real people.

The top listing categories are Drugs. You can find other categories as well such as Fraud,
Counterfeit Items, Digital Products, Erotica, and many more. Explore the site and you will be
wowed with the things they offer to you. This platform accepts Bitcoin or BTC to transact. There is also Multi-signature escrow which can
streamline the transactions amongst the vendors, marketplace, and buyers. FE – Finalize Early is
also available.

For those who want to register as a vendor in the market, there is a bond for it that costs you
$150. It tends to be lower compared to the competitors.
Let’s go straight to the DarkFox Market guide.
Consider these important things before joining any darknet market Keep in mind that DarkFox Market is slated as a darknet market. The nature of dark webs is

You cannot use the same practices as you usually did in the conventional marketplace.
There are some basics that you need to know first in order to transact safely.
Dark webs are like a jungle. You can meet with beasts and get hurt without protection and
measurements. Therefore, you will want to cover all of the bases to improve your survivability
and shopping experience.
First things first, you will need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of Bitcoin
cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. DarkFox Market only accepts Bitcoin. Mastering the
foundations of Bitcoin exchange, characteristics, wallets, and other relevant knowledge will help
you on the right track.

The next thing to cover is to understand how the Tor browser works. Then download and install
this browser to your device. You cannot use Chrome or other common browsers since it won’t
allow you to access darknet websites. It is also a great idea to install Tails OS to make sure that
your personal identity is concealed.

Last but not least, consider learning and exploring the OPSEC measurements. OPSEC is the
abbreviation of operation security. I know that it sounds a bit military for you. But it is a coined
phrase that is used by online enthusiasts to describe the safety protocols when browsing deep
webs and other risky sites.
Keep in mind the Bitcoin blockchain records are irreversible. Planting your private information in
a specific exchange might not be a good idea since your local authorities can sniff your

But there’s a solution for this challenge. You could send the coins to the intermediary address
first to break the direct connection between your account and the darknet market. Someexchanges require KYC from the wallets outside their system. In this case, hopping your funds
two times can be a much safer practice.

To remove the traces of your identity, you can send your funds to the Bitcoin mixer. Mixing
services like ChipMixer is a great option to remove the identity traces for good. Consider
focusing on real mixing services like ChipMixer. Chances are you can find many similar sites like
that. But be careful when choosing the site since not all of them are real.
Before loading the marketplace, make sure to turn off the JavaScript from the browser. If you
don’t know how to disable JavaScript, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box below. We’ll
be happy to answer your question.

Be cautious not to visit phishing sites

Tip: use links only from official Darkfail.live.

darkfail.live official site.

Usually, the fraudsters share the fake links on some websites with some gimmicks or click baits.
And then the victims will click the particular link and get redirected to a fake login page. What
happens next is predictable. The victims will enter their credentials and the hackers will snatch

Logging into these fake sites could make your privacy lost. The hackers will use your credentials
to login to the real site and drain your funds for their own benefits. But it might not be enough.
They might use your account for malicious intents.To avoid getting phished, you could do the safe practice by retrieving the link from a trustworthy site. From this page, you can attain the real link. We only share the official links in every post.
So, you don’t need to worry when clicking the links on our page. DarkFox also updates their new
links on a regular basis. You can find their new links on their homepage, precisely in the News

Registration process

Signing up for Darkfox membership is easy and straightforward. You could just visit the official
website by using your Tor Browser.

Step 1 Solve Darkfox market DDOS Captcha

Assuming that you’ve already set your Tor Browser in a way to be ready to access the darknet
site, you just need to proceed by solving the CAPTCHAS challenges.
Then you’ll be redirected to a particular landing page. Click the “Register” button at the top
corner of the screen.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
darkfox ddos entry captcha

Step 2 Darkfox Market Registration process

Create a unique username that has no relation to your personal identity. Enter a strong
password which you hardly remember. The website usually suggests the mix of numbers,
lowercase, upper case letters, as well as numbers and symbols. Then create the PIN number.
This PIN number will be used every time you make the purchases and/or withdraw your money.
Type the CAPTCHA challenge then proceed.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
Darkfox registration form

Step 3 keep your market credentials in a safe place

Keep in mind to save your credentials in a safe place where no one knows except yourself and a
person you trust most.

Step 4 Darkfox Market Mnemonic

After finishing, the page will show you 24 mnemonics that you need to store in a safe place.
Mnemonic is the only way you can restore your account in case you lose it or forget the
passwords. Make sure you copy it to somewhere safe that you can remember then press
continue. That’s it. You can use your credentials to log in and do the next step.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
Darkfox Register Mnemonic Step

Step 5 secure your account with PGP key

After logging in, the next thing to do is to add your PGP key. The PGP key is the encrypted vessel
to communicate with the vendors and other market users. At the upper right corner of the
screen, you could hit the account settings to start.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
Darkfox pgp settings

Step 6 Add key to your account

This section comes with a lot of components. You could explore the menu tab and find PGP
words. Select it and there will be an empty box where you need to insert your PGP public key
there. The messages from other market users will always be encrypted before sending to your

You can press Add Key after adding the key.

Step 7 Decrypt PGP message for Darkfox

Then the market will send you a message that you need to decrypt to confirm that you are the
owner of the PGP key. Copy the text and use your PGP apps to decrypt the message using your
public key. Press Verify Key to proceed.

Funding Your DarkFox Account

DarkFox has a platform wallet system where the members’ funds are held by the market until
released. The funds will be released to the sellers after the sale is finalized. We know that it is a
bit orthodox since it usually happens only in the conventional online marketplace.
They also accept the BTC – Bitcoin as the main payment option. If you have been familiar with
Bitcoin crypto, there shouldn’t be any problem with making a payment.
You can fund your account by clicking the Wallet menu.
The page will display the particular Bitcoin deposit address where you will add your funds for
future uses.

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market
Darkfox market wallet page

Just like when funding in other darknet websites, it is a great idea to keep the amount of the
crypto in your wallet minimum. Roughly, do not add an enormous amount of money formultiple purchases. Rather, you could fund the close amount to the total of the price you need
to pay per transaction. As we’ve learned from the Alphabay and other “fated” markets, the
darknet websites can go down for various reasons. And most of the time, there’s nothing we
can do to get our funds back.

After sending your BTC to the mentioned address on the wallet page, you will notice that your
balance is updated. The transaction will come through 2 confirmations. If nothing happens, you
could refresh the screen until the status is updated.
Do not send the BTC to the same address twice. The market updates the address on regular
basis. So, it is highly possible to send the BTC to a different address in the next funding session.
Always check the address before funding your account.

Non-Member Shopping

Browsing the market is also feasible for a non-member. So, if you decide to look around first
before joining, take your time until you are convinced to take solid action.
To browse around the market, you could solve the initial CAPTCHA and browse around the
market. The moment we wrote this guide, the marketplace has been hosting around six
thousand listings.

And the number will keep growing from day to day alongside the increased
number of members. The categories of product listings can be broken down into subcategories.
And you can access all of these categories although you are not a member of the site. The
darknet site will prompt you to login or registration page when you want to purchase particular
items in the marketplace.

The most popular category with the most numerous listings is Drugs. The other main categories
are Guides & Tutorials, Fraud, Erotica, Digital Products, Services, Counterfeit Items, and so on.If you are looking for a specific item, don’t hesitate to use its internal search engine with
sophisticated filters.

We’d give two thumbs up to this particular filter. The attributes revolve around the Keywords, Type, Price, payment options, Stock, Shipping from, and so on. The more attributes you use in the filters, the closer you will get the results. In the listings page, the information is presented in detail. Each item consists of information such as Price, Vendor Level, Vendor completed orders number, quantity, amount of sold item, supplier location, shipping options, and more.

You can also check the vendor profile by clicking on the Vendor name. DarkFox is still one year old. That is the clear reason why it does not provide a lot of rating information for each vendor.
But the good thing here is that this site imports the ratings from the other darknet markets.
Through this page, you will be able to view the basic information of the vendor such as the completed order numbers and average ratings.

The ratings will tell you a lot about the quality of services and the credibility of the vendor. This
information will give you good reasons to make informative decisions. Besides the ratings, you
can also see the number of the completed orders.

The more orders they have finished, the better the vendor will carry out the order.
Obviously, it is much better to rely on a more experienced vendor when you have the choice.
Some other vendors might offer dirt-cheap-priced items compared to reputable vendors. But
again, you can see their ratings. Spending slightly more money for purchasing from a
trustworthy vendor will give you more benefits than the risks of pitfalls.The more you avoid the bad vendors, the better. Your decision to pick the right vendor will save
you money and time.

As you find your trustworthy vendor and make a successful first purchase,
you will want to stick to the vendor.

Before making your first purchase, it does not hurt to double-check everything. That includes
information about the shipping options, refund policies, vendor address, available shipping, and
so on. Sometimes, the fault is not in your vendor.

Multisig Escrow overview

To use the multi signature escrow in the DarkFox market, you need to configure your account
with the Bitcoin public key and withdrawal address. Without this information, the multisig
escrow process cannot be carried out. This information will help you to sign off the particular transactions, accommodating the
process for you and the vendor.

Provide the withdrawal address where you will receive the refunds when it happens. Multisig
might be a bit more complex than the normal escrow. But it can be necessary if you are not sure
to use the normal escrow in the platform for transacting. On paper, multisig escrow is safer than
the normal escrow. You need to have at least one transaction through normal escrow to be
eligible to use the latter option.

Making the order

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market

Just like in other markets, you need to enter the quantity of the product of your choice and hit
the “Purchase” button. Then the market platform will redirect you to the order screen.From there, you will need to encrypt your address with the PGP key from Vendor.

It is one of the OPSEC practices that you need to do to protect yourself and your family. The
shipping address is part of your privacy. The DarkFox officials themselves also emphasize the
importance of this practice to conceal your real information.

To retrieve the Vendor’s PGP key, click the PGP tab on the vendor page. Then you can get the
public key and import it to your PGP client. Use the key to encrypt the shipping address.
The results will be shown there. Then you could paste the results in the “Message to Seller”

DarkFox Market  Guide – How To Use Dark Fox Market

There are four payment options offered by this marketplace:
Normal Escrow: The original escrow managed by DarkFox market staff. In this option, the funds
will be released when the order is finished.

FE: It is an abbreviation of Finalize Early. In this payment option, the funds will be sent to the
vendor after the order is marked as “shipped”. in this case, it can be beneficial for the vendor
since they’re able to reserve their funds first without waiting until the package reaches the
destination. But it is also a concern for the buyers since there’s a chance that the vendor sends
the wrong item and buyers cannot leverage the situation. It won’t be a problem if you are
dealing with a reputable vendor, though. FE 50%: It means Finalize Early 50%. As the name suggests, 50% of total funds will be sent to the
vendor after the order is marked as “shipped”. It is usually a “win-win” solution for both vendors
and buyers.

Multisignature: Using the bitcoin crypto, you can opt to this Multi Signature escrow for fortified
and secure payment. There are three parties involved in the transaction: vendor, buyer, and marketplace. The DarkFox market uses 2/3 multi-sig payment which means the funds will be released to the vendor when at least two parties have signed.If you trust DarkFox fully, using the Normal Escrow can be a great idea since the market will store the funds for you. But make sure to keep your Bitcoin funds minimum to minimize the risks of losing your money.

If you have picked a trustworthy vendor, or at least made one successful transaction with the
particular party, you could use Finalize Early so that the vendor can get paid faster.
Meanwhile, you can use the Bitcoin Multisig Escrow if you want a multi-layer of protection in
your transaction. It is a great option if you don’t trust the marketplace or vendor 100%. You
need to pick the system which will protect you from most of the parties. Therefore, choosing
the multi-signature escrow can be a sensible option for you.
In case one of the other parties is having a problem, your funds can be safe. The multi-signature
payment option can work well in some scenarios below.
Scenario A: When the market goes down, the funds in the multi-sig escrow can still be released
to the vendor. Or, the buyer can also ask for a refund if the order is not marked as “shipped”.
Scenario B: when the seller is having a problem, the DarkFox market can help to resolve the
issue by making a refund for the buyers. In this case, the buyers can get their money back while
the vendor will have time to solve their issue before being active again.
Scenario C: when the problem lies on the buyer’s side, the DarkFox market can help to resolve
the issue while the vendor can still get their funds.
Looking at different points of view, the Bitcoin Multisig payment option can make a great choice
to benefit all of the parties.Alright, let’s get back to your shopping cart. After choosing your payment options, you could hit
the Purchase button.

The confirmation screen will be shown and you need to review all of the information before
proceeding. Enter your PIN number and hit “Confirm”.
The order will be marked as paid if the funds are delivered successfully. The vendor will start
working on the order. The vendor will mark the order as “Shipped” as they ship the item.
Then the funds will be released based on the payment options you choose.

DarFox Market Link: http://ii5thfjukpbax5uh3lobj3sl5dkhmbhrkhrybllrwzv6r3e4wpy24yad.onion