Darknet Markets on Reddit

Reddit has been loved by darknet fans because they can find what they seek in the subreddits of their specific interests. The Subreddits here work like a standard board on the common forum. So, it is safe to analogize the subreddits as the typical threads in the Reddit platform. For those who are looking for darknet marketplaces to find their special items, they can look for them through the subreddit. One of the most popular subreddit which provide links to darknet markets is the DarkNetMarkets subreddit.

DarkNetMarkets Subreddit

DarkNetMarkets is a public subreddit that discusses the black markets products and services which the users can find on the deep web. And to get access to these sites, one will need to use the Tor browser to join with the Tor network. As we know, deep webs are only accessible through the anonymous network.

The threads conversation is focused on the relevant darknet topics like drugs, cannabis, counterfeit items, cracked software, escort services, and so on.

Besides the dark services and products on the web, the thread participants also discuss the tips revolving around the OPSEC practices, online anonymity, anonymous tools and security, PGP key, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, decentralized finance, black markets, vendors, and many more.

The vendors are the businessmen who offer cannabis, drugs, or other darknet items at the market platforms to conduct their business. The users will use the Tor Browser to anonymize their online activity and access the marketplace to meet their vendors. They will purchase the darknet items from trustworthy vendors and have them shipped to their address. Of course, the markets won’t disclose the personal information of the buyers and vendors who are transacting on their platform. Most of these darknet markets accept cryptocurrencies to transact. It is rare to see that any darknet market accepts fiat currencies.

The DarkNetMarkets subreddit is in the greyish area. There are many controversies that have been taking place since the establishment of the subreddit. This subreddit was banned back in 2018 due to the changes of the rules in the Reddit platform. Turned out the administrators forbids the members to use Reddit for sharing information about prohibited services and products. But you don’t need to worry. If you’re used to using the Reddit platform to seek your darknet items, there’s a great alternative for you.

Darknet Markets on Reddit
r/DarkNetMarkets has been banned from Reddit

Dread – Darknet Market Forum Reddit Replacment

Dread is a forum platform that is similar to Reddit. It is the solid response to the banning of the Subreddit DarkNetMarkets back in 2018. The developers built this forum platform from scratch by /u/hugbunter. Different from the particular subreddit, it is a standalone forum that is located in the Tor network. Therefore, it gives the freedom for darknet lovers to access any information without getting banned.

Besides in response to the Subreddit DarkNetMarkets closure, it is also built to give the users solid information about darknet markets. If you are looking for relevant information on the darknet marketplace, then you can’t go wrong with the Dread forum.

Since it is within the Tor network, I’d assume that you also know that you need to access it through Tor Browser. Here is the link to the Dread forum.


Dread reddit replacment link

Accessing Dread

Darknet Markets on Reddit
Dread reddit replacment ddos protection

As mentioned, Dread is located within the Tor network. Therefore, you will need to use the Tor Browser to access the site. If you are still new to this idea, you could cover the basics first by seeing the tutorials on how to access Tor websites. Make sure to learn about the OPSEC practices, Tor Browser, Tor Network, Onion Sites, as well as VPN. After knowing all of these basics, you are ready to anonymize your online activities.

Registering to the site is simple and straightforward. Before getting your account, there are some security challenges that you will want to overcome first. You need to solve the CAPTCHA first. Then register. Create the username and password. And you need to work on the CAPTCHA again. After completing the second CAPTCHA, your account is ready.

Darknet Markets on Reddit
dread reddit replacment login page

Once you’ve logged in, you will be surprised that the layout of the site is similar to Reddit. Like Reddit, Dread also has a thing called subdreads. each subdread represents the particular topic or market.

As you hover on the main page, you will view the most popular posts shown by the platform. It is similar to hot posts on Reddit.

Then you can also view the suggested sub dreads on the right part of the main page. You will have an option to subscribe to the specific sub dreads so that you will get noticed when the topic is rising. The suggested topics will appear based on the previous sub dreads that you are viewing.

If you are still hoping to find out something on the Reddit platform, we’ll stop what you’re doing right now and move to the Dread platform. The Dread platform offers the freedom to the curators to share anything which does not exist in the clear net. That is not surprising to see the tons of the individual darknet markets such as /d/EmpireMarket, and others. There are also sub dreads like OpSec, Tor, etc to give you tips about the security and anonymity practices done in the darknet marketplaces.

The Dread platform even has similar features in Reddit. Just like in the counterpart platform, you can post and comment on the sub dreads. The posts and comments on the Dread platform can be upvoted and downvoted. The trending posts will appear at the top of the page for easy navigation. You can also set it up for your personal experience. Sort the posts by New or Top. The New signifies the newest posts in the forum. Meanwhile, the Top signifies the posts with the most upvotes.

Dread as a forum does not have the categories and listings. But you can hover your mouse to the sub dread of the specific marketplaces. The mods will provide the links that you can click to visit the site directly. From there, you can also find other darknet links that are useful for you. So, what are you waiting for? Register an account now and start browsing.