DeepDotWeb Darknet Magazine

DeepDotWeb was one of the most visited sites in the dark network. It was a news site which focuses on dark topics such as dark marketplaces, Tor services, cryptocurrencies, privacy, and other dark net related news.

The website was taken down on May 7, 2019 due to the forbidden marketing model, wherein they earned their income by posting links to the darknet marketplace.

The authorities charged them with conspiracy to commit money laundering. Tal Prihar pleaded guilty for the money laundering conspiracy.

DeepDotWeb Darknet Magazine
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What are their contents anyway?

As claimed by the former viewers, the coverage of the DeepDotWeb revolves around the drugs, darknet markets, and other controversial topics. The site also features the dark net markets, blacklisted markets and sites, reviews, and comparisons.

Two years ago, the DeepDotWeb was down for good. Since then, the enthusiasts of the dark web have been looking for alternatives for the DeepDotWeb.

The Aftermath

After the shutdown of the Deep Dot Web, the dark web enthusiasts started to build other hubs of information including Dark.Fail, and DarkNetLive. The other forum site is Dread, which is pretty much similar to Reddit.

The Deep Dot Web Alternatives

Although the dark web users were not able to find the same site as Deep Dot Web, there are other alternatives that they can take a look around to replace the latter.  The dark web forum is different from the dark web marketplaces.

The dark web forum is the hub of information for the dark net enthusiasts. In these forums, the users will have the freedom to discuss the dark net relevant things such as cannabis products, drugs, child pornography, hacking, counterfeit items, data leaks, and other types of controversial content.

These dark web forums do not accept all kinds of users. They offer some options of memberships such as Premium, VIP, or Moderator. Although each forum has different features and structures, it is safe to assume that their objectives tend to be similar. Since there are a lot of third parties including local authority, law enforcement, and internet service providers preying on them, these forums often come with the features which can increase the anonymity level of the users. Therefore, you won’t be surprised that these sites come with the 2FA, PGP key, encrypted messages, and other layers of security.

These forums consist of threads and sections to discuss the specific topics based on the niches. The users will have the opportunity to start a thread or discussion with their peers. Obviously, it is totally different from the marketplaces.

The dark web marketplaces are the platforms which meet the vendors and buyers. In these platforms, the vendors will offer the products and services whose categories do not exist in the clear network. For instance, White House Market hosts the vendors who sell different kinds of darknet sites like drugs, premium accounts, credit cards, counterfeit items, and many more.

The other example is Cannazon where the vendors only focus on the cannabis-related product. This platform does not accept the other items besides the cannabis products.

All of these marketplaces involve two parties in the transactions: the Vendors who offer their products and services, and the buyers who purchase the products or services from the dark net markets.

Some markets enforce their users to transfer the money through the platform which can pose the risks of the exit scam. But some sites offer Multi Sig or Direct Payment where the users won’t need to deposit their money to the site first.

While marketplaces can be in and out in a short period of time, the dark net forums tend to be stabler than them since these forums do not directly offer the goods and services through the particular platform. But of course, you will be able to find the information about the most recent active darknet marketplaces in your favorite forums.

The Shutdown of the Deep Dot Web does not stop the dark net enthusiasts from getting what they want. For educational purposes, we are going to share with you the best alternatives of the Deep Dot Web. So, without further ado, let’s see the list below.

4chan forum

This forum has such a massive membership base. According to the statistics, it has around 22M unique guests on a monthly basis. It hosts controversial topics like harassment, illegal contents, porn, drugs, violence, racism, and many more. It was originally started as an anime-centric forum. But then it evolved to include controversial topics as well. Its existence has been condemned by many parties because of the controversial contents like harassment, threats, child pornography, and so on.

XSS Forum

XSS Forum is a Russian-language forum. It’s topics of interest are vulnerabilities, carding, access sales, and many more. It offers various topics including darknet marketplaces, cannabis products, counterfeit items, frauds, carding, and so on. Ones need to become premium members in order to unlock all of the contents.

Dread Forum

Dread forum structure is like Reddit. However, it is within the Tor network so you can’t access it in the clear net. It is built from scratch using u/Hugbunter/.

Since it is inspired by Reddit, you will find out a lot of features that are similar to the Reddit platform. The topics of the platform revolve around the hot trends, drugs, dark net marketplaces, and many more.

Nulled forum

The moment we wrote this post, the Nulled Forum already had 3.6 millions active users. It is definitely one of the hugest forums across the globe. Although it gives the freedom of the topics to share, most trending topics are leaks and hacking. In this forum, the users can easily find the leaked passwords, email addresses, billings, invoices, and many more.


RaidForums is popular across the globe for good reason. It has gained international attention in its boldness to provide the mega leaks. The database shared in the forum exposes the breaches and leaks. And many of the parties sell these leaks. As of the moment we wrote this post, it has over 2.5 million posts posted in the forum.