How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide

As a part of maintaining your anonymity, each darknet professional must suggest you use the PGP key to make the communication safer. The practice is more prevalent when you are purchasing something from the marketplace and share your address with your vendor. You will need to encrypt your address information and other personal details to protect your identity from the local authorities or other third parties.

In this guide, I will show you how to use your PGP key to the darknet Market. There’s a chance that you are using different darknet marketplaces. But when it comes to the PGP key, the method to use it could be similar from one to another.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
How to Add PGP to Darknet Market

PGP is the abbreviation of Pretty Good Protection. It is basically the actions of encrypting and decrypting the information including the emails, texts, chats, addresses, product details, and so on.

Most serious darknet marketplaces always recommend their users to provide PGP public key in the registration phase. More often than not, the users will need to protect their sensitive information between the users. The sender of the message will use the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message. The recipient will then use their own private key to decrypt the message.

There are 2 keys generated from the PGP key creation phase. They are public keys and private keys.

You will post your public key in the darknet markets. But you will keep your private key for yourself. The public key is basically the key you want to share with the public as the recipient key. So, the sender will use your public key as the recipient. Meanwhile, a private key is needed when you want to decrypt the message from your sender. So, when you are the sender, your recipient will use their own private key to decrypt your message.

Installing the PGP key software

There are many options you can take to create your PGP key pair (private and public). If you browse online, there will be hundreds to thousands of providers of the PGP keys. But not all are created with the same quality. You will want to carefully choose from where you are generating your PGP keys. For the purpose of this guide article, we are using Kleopatra or GPG4WIN.

GPG4WIN is a privacy protection software that is free of cost to install. Many people have been using this software because of its reliability and quality.

First of all, you will want to download the software first from the official site and install it on your computer.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
download gpg4win

It is basically free software. But the provider will show you an option to donate with Fiat currency or bitcoin. You could simply skip the donation by clicking the blue icon. Then the Download button will appear. Click the Download button to download the program installation.

The GPG4WIN file needs to be clicked to start the installation. In the installer, you could do as usually done in the other Windows software. Click Next to proceed. There will be some components shown up to you to choose from. The GPA option is unchecked. You could check them all if you want to have complete software installed on your PC. It does not hurt to install the full software anyway.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
install gpg4win

Browser Integration is entirely optional. But you can take advantage of it by installing it through this installation step.

The next thing to do is to locate your GPG4WIN software on your PC or laptop. By default, the software will be installed in your C drive. But it is up to you to locate the software anywhere you need.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide

After the installation finished, you can click Finish and Run the software.

Using GPG4WIN to create your PGP keys pairs

After finishing installing, you will want to run your program on your PC.

In the main screen of the software, click the New Key Pair box in the middle to initiate the generation of your PGP keys pairs.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
new certificate

Then the software will show you the Key Pair Creation Wizard screen.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide

There are some boxes that you need to fill.

In the optional sections next to the Name and Email fields, you can leave it blank. But I suggest you insert the name and email. For the name, do not use your real name. You could just use your alias or another name. Also, do not use your main email address. You could create a new email for the darknet purpose. Let it be separated from your personal and business emails.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
fill the box

Type at least 5 characters in the Name field. It will help you to generate the unique PGP key pair that you can use for any darknet marketplace and other darknet websites.

The PGP keys are more often used in darknet market accounts. As a part of the OPSEC practices, you don’t need to use your real name. But you can if you think that it is important to use your real name.

In the default option of GPG4WIN, the key pair generated from the software is valid for only 2 years. But you can always have the freedom to adjust the time of validity by using the Advanced Settings. Adjust it through the “Valid until field”. if you leave to the default setting, keep in mind to generate new pairs of keys every two years.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
gpg4win setting

Perhaps that’s the only advanced setting that you need to adjust to generate the PGP keys for you. After inserting your name, you could proceed by clicking Next and Create to start generating the pair of PGP keys.

Then you need to create a passphrase to secure your keys. You need to save the passphrase in a safe place. Click OK to proceed.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
pgp4win passphrase

It will take some time to generate the key. When it is done, you could click on “Make a Backup of Your Key Pair”.

You will then need to save the file.

Click Finish.

The software will redirect you to the main page where it shows your PGP key pair name. Right-click in the field and press Details to see your Public Key.

Click the Export button, then you will see your public key.

How to Add PGP To Any Darknet Market – Full Guide
export pgp key

Copy all the content of your PGP public key, then paste it into any darknet market.

Keep in mind to save all of your credentials including the passphrase, private key, and public key in the safest place you can find.

You will share your Public key in the darknet marketplaces. Although each platform might have a different layer, it is pretty much simple and easy to use your Public key to encrypt the message and Private key to decrypt the message. Ask your professionals if you have more questions about it.