How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021

Welcome to our next guide post! In this post, we are going to show you how to use Vice City Market to find the darknet items you want to purchase.

Vice City has been operating since July 2020 and reached no.7 rank in the darknet webs list. Since then, Vice City has increased its renowned popularity and is deemed as one of the most trustworthy darknet marketplaces.

Most of the satisfied users are fond of the features, design, and friendly user interface of the site.

As you first visit this site, you’ll agree with us that it has its own appeal. If you think that the word “Vice City” resembles the favorite GTA video game that you usually play with your friend, you are not wrong at all.

In fact, the creators themselves claimed that this marketplace is inspired by Vice City, a later map of the Grand Theft Auto video game.

Vice City Market URL: http://olhfd6b6pt7mwvh6izj57gzm3hpzphtmaxa52otdxhfqigopxhbprjqd.onion/

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021

The market interface is fantastic so that you can have a nice time shopping there. The main color theme of the market is dark, easing your eyes when shopping around for a long time.

The Vice City comes with ample convenience and security. Every feature that you will use in the Vice City has already been fortified with security measurements. That means you will be safe all the time when using the marketplace for shopping around.

This marketplace accepts two kinds of cryptocurrency to transact: Bitcoin and Monero. The built-in wallets are also available with the bypassing capability. The buyers can also opt for the traditional escort that comes with the multisig escrow in the advanced version.

As you’d expect from the private darknet websites, there are 2FA logins to make sure that everything is encrypted between the members. There’s also PGP encryption practice. So, you will be able to use your PGP tool to encrypt your personal information there.

Many of the Vice City reviewers that we found online are pretty satisfied with what this market offers to them. And we were compiling the various reviews from many users. We found that most of them came out with positive feedback. Some users who gave negative feedback were mostly the victims of connection difficulties, and other technical errors.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021
Vice City Market Listing

The moment we wrote this guide, Vice City had over 7,000 listings. The market is one of the smaller markets that come into our guide. But don’t get it wrong. The Vice City comes with tons of trustworthy vendors who are ready to help you anytime. The most crowded categories of this marketplace are coming from the drugs category. Most of these vendors are coming from EU and US regions. there are numerous vendors who ship internationally if you cannot find the vendors in your local area.

Back then, Vice City only accepted Bitcoin – BTC for the transactions which posed risks for those who wanted to be anonymous in the darknet market transactions. While using the mixing service could solve the problem, many users were complaining about the fees that they needed to pay for the particular service.

However, now it comes with the Monero – XMR as well. It is a good thing that the Vice City Market can accept Monero – XMR to protect your privacy online.

If you still insist on using Bitcoin for the transaction, make sure you conduct the OPSEC practices very well and hide your personal identity by using the mixing service. Do not transfer the funds directly from the exchange to the darknet market.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021

The Vice City is popular amongst the vendors because of its low charges that only cost 4-6% fee. If you’re interested in being a vendor on this site, you just need to spend a hundred dollars for the vendor bond price.

There are many vendors from other marketplaces coming to the site and making listings here. Many of them have established a good reputation in Vice City because they already have a good reps on other marketplace platforms. It is a good enough reason to recommend this site to our acquaintances and readers.

Preparations to do before making your first purchase

Before using Vice City Market to purchase particular black market items, you will want to equip yourself with basic knowledge about shopping in the darknet site first.

Using Tor Browser

First things first, you would want to start from the bridge between you and your market. If you are using your favorite browser Chrome, Firefox, or others right now, ditch them as soon as possible. At least when you browse the darknet sites, do not use any of those common browsers. Use the Tor Browser instead.

First, download and install the Tor Browser. Don’t worry, it is free to use this browser.

Tor browser is the best browser that allows you to connect to various darknet marketplaces and other websites on the deep web, including the Vice City Market.

Basically, Tor Browser will hide your device’s internet connection to particular websites by routing your connection through different IP addresses. While the third parties might not be able to trace your activities, your Internet service provider still can do it. It is completely clear to them that you are using the Tor network. Depending on the regulations in your country, it might not be a huge deal.

But if you want to protect yourself with good anonymity, we’d suggest you use the VPN service to protect you from the risks out there. Use the paid VPN services from the best providers like Expressvpn, Private VPN, VyprVPN, Nord VPN, and so on. This VPN service allows you to connect to a specific server. It can be the server of your own country or another. But the key thing remains the same. The VPN service will cut off the trace of your personal IP.

Understanding the basic of Cryptocurrency

Keep in mind that each cryptocurrency in the market has different characteristics to consider. And since Vice City Market accepts BTC and XMR. You will need at least to know the basics of both cryptocurrencies before proceeding on your part.

Learn the basics of the BTC first, including how to send one address to another before sending the funds to the DarkNet marketplace for a particular purpose. The thing is that many exchanges will require your personal information for the reports. While you can make a few hops first before sending your Bitcoin to the marketplace, you can simplify things by using the mixing services. The mixing service or tumbler service is a service offered to mix the crypto funds with the other to prevent the trail back to the original source. That means with the good mixing or tumbler service, your personal information will remain safe.

If you are not sure about using Bitcoin for making your purchase, you could opt for Monero or XMR. The XMR is a good option because no one can see the traces of the transactions.

OPSEC Practices

Consider conducting OPSEC practices when registering, transacting, and other activities that you are doing in the particular marketplace. Chances are you can get all of the OPSEC knowledge from the internet for free. But we can give you an example from the first time.

When you are registering your account, make sure to use a name that does not indicate your real identity. Create such complex passwords which are not leading to your real-life either. So, don’t use birthday date, address, phone number, or other personal information in the passwords.

There are many other things in OPSEC practices that we cannot mention on this page one by one. But make sure you explore these practices first before making any further move on the dark net website.

Registering an account

Use the link that we share in this post to visit the official site of Vice City Market. You will want to be cautious when selecting the link to visit because not all links are leading to the right site. Some of them are linked to phishing sites where the hackers will snatch your credentials and drain the money in your account.

To avoid these pitfalls, make sure to visit the official URL of the Vice City Market.

You will be impressed with the logging process. It requires the users to solve a difficult CAPTCHA. While it can be challenging for many users to pass the test, it can give you peace of mind with the fact that this site is not prone to DDOS attacks.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021
Vice City Market Captcha

The main login screen will be there. You just need to click Register and you will be prompted to the account registration form page. Type your username, password, and PIN.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021
Vice City Market Register

As mentioned, it is important to use the unpredictable username and complicated passwords not even your family can guess. Then create the PIN that is away from your familiar numbers like birthday, and so on. Make the password as complicated as possible by adding symbols, numbers, and upper and lower letter cases. Consider saving the credentials information somewhere safe where no one would know. After completing the form, you could just hit Register to continue.

Then you will get redirected to the home page. Re-enter your credentials, answer the CAPTCHA, and press continue.

Re-enter your user name with a password to finally log in. You will be welcomed with the main page of Vice City that will remind you of your favorite game.

Before proceeding, you will want to set up your account first for safety measures. As we mentioned before, there’s a risk of irresponsible people spreading fake links that lead to phishing sites. There will be notice as you set your 2-FA.

As you have activated the 2-FA, you can rest assured that no one can access your Vice City Market market except yourself. To activate this safety tool, you could click Account settings. You can click the 2FA link and enable it. You must first post your PGP public key.

Click the Edit profile tab and find the PGP section in the tab. Copy and paste your PGP public key in the particular text box. Make sure to double-check your PGP key. After pasting the key, you will proceed to click the Save button. The next thing you know is that your PGP key is already attached to your account.

In the lower-left sections, you will just need to proceed to click the “Enable 2-FA” button. There will be a green check mark to inform you that the 2-FA setting has been enabled.

After activating this kind of security, you will need to decrypt the message. It is something that hackers or other irresponsible people won’t be able to do.

Multi signature capability (optional)

In order to transact safely with the multi-signature method, you will want to set it up first.

First things first, you could go to the Account Settings tab. Here you will be able to find the information for the multisig transaction. Here you will need to add a multi-signature Bitcoin address for the refunds and a Bitcoin public key.

This option is a perfect option for those who don’t trust the market or vendor 100%, especially for the new users of the market. Being a new member in the Vice City Market might be a bit daunting since you are not sure if you can really get the right value of the money you’ve spent.

The multi-signature requires signatures from 2 out of the 3 parties involved in the market. These parties are the buyers, vendors, as well as the marketplace.

Two of them should sign the transactions in order to release funds to the other party: it can be buyers for refund, or sellers to receive the funds from their sales.

A multi-signature method is indeed a wise option if you want to be extra safe with spending your money. If you have been familiar with the Vice City Market and comfortable enough with the platform, you could choose escrow over multisig since it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Making a deposit

There are basically two main options to pay at the market. There is a classic one called Escrow. And the other one is Multi-signature payment. As mentioned, multi-signature payments require two out of three parties to sign the payment for the fund’s releases. Meanwhile, the Escrow is a bit of an unorthodox way of paying for the stuff you purchase at Vice city.

The Vice City Market creates the BTC address in every account of the members. But this address should only be the quick bridge in the transaction. That means it is not wise to make deposits to the wallets or hold your funds for a long time there unless you are planning to use it for purchase in the near future.

There is no deposit that needs to be made since the Escrow transaction is funded by the buyer. The fund will be then excrowd by the market, and then the market staff will release the funds to the vendors. Due to this nature, there is no deposit to handle.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021
Vice City Market Deposit

Windows shopping at Vice City Market

It is a great idea to conduct window shopping first at the Vice City Market before deciding to pick a particular product to purchase. The Vice City layout and interface are nicely designed so that everyone who has a wide array of techie levels can access it without any hassle.
You can find any updates and news at the main page of the shopping. You perhaps need to check on them first to find good deals and promotions from your vendors.

You can start browsing their categories; and check deeper in the sub-categories within categories. The main categories revolve around Benzos, Cannabis, Ecstasy, Prescription, and many more. Take your time to browse around. It will be fun. Each category that you expand will provide you a sub-category that allows you to conduct an in-depth exploration of this site.

It has good filters which can help you to find the specific listings that meet your criterion. The search filters come together with the search term, category, price, shipping source, and so on. The results can be sorted by certain variables like price, best selling, the listings date publication, and so on.

The shopping page, it will give you an overview of the important information such as the item description, star rating, pricing info, bulk prices, as well as vendor name.

If you need more details of the item, you could just click on the item. Then you will be redirected to a page where you can see the details about the listing.

From this page, you can see crucial information like the pricing. You could choose the particular currency that you use and it will show you that. You can also find information about the payment types. You can pick either Escrow or Multisig to finish the transaction.

The other information to note includes the refund policy, shipping information, and many others.

Click the Feedback to show you the feedback that the previous buyers left for the particular item. Feedback can be an important hint for you to help you find the best vendor to serve you. It is more pivotal for the first-timer since you have no idea which sellers can really deliver the best service. Consider picking an item or vendor who has good feedback from past customers.

Choosing your Vendors

If you have ever checked the number of vendors in the Vice City Market, you know that it has a smaller pool compared to the other darknet websites. Regardless, the number of vendors is growing from time to time. Most of these vendors are located in the EU countries or UK.

You could find further information about the vendor by clicking on the Vendor’s name. From this vendor page, you can see such close information like the last online time, feedback score, number of sales, accept payments, FE-enabled status, and so on. it does not hurt to check on your vendor through their profile page first before proceeding with your purchase.

The page of vendors consists of the feedback and discussion tabs. You can also notice the PGP key on their page which you can use to procure a safe conversation with them.

How To Use Vice City Market – Full Darknet Guide 2021
Vice City Market Items For Sale

Making an order

There is the 2-FA PGP check which will be there to protect all of the parties when ordering the items. The process will decrypt the encrypted message to figure out the code to use to proceed with the order buying. This code will stop the compromises or interventions to any third parties including the bots from spamming the system with tons of bogus orders.

Consider double-checking the vendor page to find out their requirements before finalizing your order. Hover your mouse to find PGP Security Challenge. There will be an encrypted message in your PGP public key. You will need to decrypt the message to reveal the code. Then after finding the code, you just need to copy and paste it into the particular text box.

Select the quantity of the items, as well as the shipping method, then you could proceed to buy the item.

Then there’ll be a preview of the amount you need to pay and the shipping information you need to add.

You can just fill in the shipment address. It can be your home or office. But keep in mind that your initial message is non-encrypted. To give yourself more anonymity when purchasing your items in the Vice City Market, you will also want to encrypt it with the vendors’ PGP key.

After reviewing the payment and adding the decrypted message, you can just enter your PIN, and hit Place Order.

In the payment screen, you just need to choose between Escrow payment type or Multisig. Keep in mind that not all vendors want to conduct the particular payment. So, make sure you check on the available options first.

You will then need to transfer the money in the time period given.
The vendor will then process the order and mark it as “shipped” once they send it through the delivery service. With escrow, you can finalize the order after receiving your package. You are eligible to open a dispute if there’s any problem with the order process.

Vice City Market URL: http://olhfd6b6pt7mwvh6izj57gzm3hpzphtmaxa52otdxhfqigopxhbprjqd.onion/