How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

Monero is one of the perfect vessels for your anonymous activities online. It is different from other common blockchains. While all parties can view the information in the blockchain, Monero limits it from happening. In this case, only the owners of the cryptocurrency can see the data and balances. It is also impossible to know the users of the cryptocurrencies in the monero transactions. All of this information is redacted from the public domain. These fantastic features are indeed a great reason to take them as your privacy coins when using darknet marketplaces and other deep websites.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

Monero can be a great alternative for Bitcoin or other coins since it offers better security and privacy. If you are coming to this place to plan using Monero for making purchases in darknet marketplaces, then you are on the right track.

To use Monero, you will want to download the Monero Wallet first from the official site of monero. The Monero Project’s Website is located at Download the file and proceed with the installation.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

I won’t recommend you to use Tails OS unless you have known all of the basics of Tails. The process for the Tails Os can be complicated and challenging for beginners. That’s why I’d like to focus on the conventional way to use the Monero wallet.

After the installation is finished, you will then need to select the language of your choice.

To save your time and effort, you could use Simple Mode since it will save an enormous amount of time when downloading the blockchain.

For the users who use Tails, Pre-configured Tor browser, or Whonix, you could select Advanced Mode since you will need to set your onion nodes. You can get nodes from

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

Even though you stick to the Simple Mode, you won’t need to worry since all your transaction information will remain private. The difference here is that your Public IP is still visible to the node. That means your internet service provider will still be able to read your activities. To conceal your activities, you could use a VPN service. That’s the best way to anonymize your activity so that your Internet Service Provider won’t view it.

In the world of the dark net, privacy and anonymity are paramount. Chances are you are going to create a wallet for a temporary basis, send a payment, and then get rid of the wallet. In the next transaction, you will create a wallet again, rinse and repeat. So, there is no need to go through such an advanced mode. It would take time and effort to go through advanced mode.

The simple mode will be the most ideal choice regarding the nature of the darknet marketplace that you will use.

In the software, click Create A New Wallet to initiate the wallet creation.

You can also work around with the seed section if you want to create a unique wallet name. It is up to you to save the files to specific addresses. You can leave it by default for a simpler approach. Click next to continue.

The wallet will encourage you to insert the passwords. Make as complicated passwords as possible so that they won’t get tampered with easily by irresponsible people. Make sure to save your details in a safe place. You are going to need them to send the payments.

Double-check the details and continue to open your new wallet.

It would take a few minutes to synchronize the wallet. The status of the synchronization will be visible in the bottom left corner. As your wallet is syncing, it is safe to send your Monero from the exchange sites to your wallet.

You can view your Monero address (for receiving funds) on the receiving type on the left side.

after the wallet is synchronized, you will notice a message in the bottom left corner of the wallet app.

There you have it! Your Monero wallet is ready to use!

Purchasing Monero

Monero is also called XMR on many websites. It is available on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Although it is newer than Bitcoin, we can see the rapid increase in its popularity in many exchanges.

Although not all exchanges list Monero in their cryptocurrencies bay, you can easily find some popular exchanges which provide BTC / XMR trading pairs. Some of the platforms that you can check online are Bittrex, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Huobi, and many more.

Back then, BitBay and OKEx listed Monero. But they no longer list it on their site because of the regulatory cryptocurrencies issues.

It is important to stay vigilant when purchasing XMR through a centralized exchange.

If you are planning to use Monero to purchase items in the “greyish” area (like weeds, cannabis, etc), then you could use the decentralized exchanges instead to get your Monero. There are some decentralized exchanges available on the deep web. You could focus on the top ones like LocalMonero, OpenLedger, Bisq, and so on.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

The other monero wallets

I’d like to recommend you to use the Monero GUI wallet. Well, for the first reason, it is coming from the official provider. The second reason, it is easy and straightforward to register and set up your wallet through the provider. Just choose the simple mode, and you are good to go.

Besides the Monero GUI as the official monero wallet provider, you can also create the XMR wallets through several different providers.

To move the XMR from the exchange, you will need to create a new wallet address and send the XMR to the new address. Here are some of the platforms to create wallets that I’d like to recommend to you:


Monerujo is a mobile Monero wallet that is available for Android devices. If you want to access your wallet anytime, anywhere, you can use this. It is a great choice for mobile users.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets

Cake Wallet

Monerujo is not available for iOS devices. But it is cool since you can use Cake Wallet. You can download and install it from the App Store. This wallet has a built-in exchange and currency conversion. You can attain your XMR directly from this app without having to order in other exchanges. The cake Wallet alternative is X Wallet.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets
Cake Wallet

My Monero

My Monero can be the most versatile wallet option of all since you can run it on your desktop PC, mobile app, as well as your Tor browser.

How to Use XMR Monero For Darknet Markets
My Monero