PGP Windows Guide – How To Use PGP on Windows

If you have been around darknet marketplaces, then the word PGP is not something new for you. PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is software that can encrypt the information transferred between peers.  Besides it gives such great privacy and anonymity to the users, it also works as the authentication of the particular communication.

There are many practices where the PGP is implemented including signing up, encrypting and decrypting texts, emails, user’s verification, age verification, and many more. The key objective of the PGP key is to provide an extra layer of online communications. It is not surprising that we often see the PGP in the darknet markets because most of them would need to ensure their members’ privacy and transparency. The PGP is often used in darknet websites especially dark marketplaces.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows

In these marketplaces, it is usually used for various purposes as follows:

  • Encrypt messages between the users
  • Encrypt personal and private information such as the home address and shipping information
  • Encrypt tracking code of shipment
  • Decrypt all messages

You will need to enter the particular website to send the message with the PGP. The users will need to log in to the market to decrypt the message given by the platform.

In common practices, PGP is used by sites that are prone to cyber-attacks and other mishaps. The platform will commit to protect its users’ important details. You also need to have the PGP as well so that you can interact with the other users in the darknet marketplace without any hassle.

Your private messages are not always private

When you are sending a private message without PGP, your message can be viewed by a third party including the hackers out there.

On some sites, it might be safe to send a message with sensitive data by yourself. But does not guarantee that your message is kept well.

Let’s learn from past experience. When the Silk Road was down, many non-encrypted messages were leaked online. And since most of the buyers purchase something “forbidden” in their area, the FBI gave these data to the law enforcements to catch all the buyers involved in these.

Perhaps you are going to purchase some weeds. Unfortunately, it is yet to be legal in your area. As we know so far, weeds are only legal in some states and countries. It will be pretty risky to make your message visible when you’re using dark websites.

As anonymity is the key to your survival on the darknet website, we can’t overlook the importance of the PGP keys settings in the site. If you want to continue to make purchases and get involved in these sites, always PGP encrypts your messages and information. Each reputable marketplace always comes with this feature. So you don’t need to worry every time you make a purchase.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows

Types of messages you will want to encrypt

In common practices, you don’t need to encrypt all types of messages. It is literally down to your preference. But it is suggested to encrypt messages which contain your private or sensitive information. It can revolve around the packaging details (the inside of the package), addresses, phone numbers, and so on.

Who can encrypt your message?

Let’s say that you’ve managed to encrypt the message you send to your recipient. You won’t be able to decrypt this message. Unless you also set the recipient of the message with your own public key. So, you literally send a message to yourself. That way you will be able to decrypt your own messages.

How to create your PGP Key Pair

We are using DarknetOnes PGP tool as an example. Each provider might instruct the different things when creating the PGP key Pair for their PGP tool. But this review could give you a big picture about how to set up your own PGP key pair.

Enter DarkFail News PGP Tool.

On the main page, you will need to fill up all of the infoboxes. In this case, it is not necessary to add your real name. You can use your alias and other emails. Do not use your main email to create a PGP key. Remember, anonymity is paramount here.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows
darkfail news pgp tool

You could check the variables including the algorithm, key size, expiry duration, and the passphrase.

After all, sections are fulfilled, you can just click “Generate keys’ ‘, and the tool will process your key. It could take a few minutes so you could sit back and relax while waiting for the process.

Once the key creation is finished, the tool will show you two keys: a public key and a private key.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows
public and private pgp key

The public key will be the one that you share in the darknet marketplaces or other kinds of websites. Meanwhile, the private key is the one that you need to save for yourself, never share it to the public. You can save both keys in the safest place possible.

After saving your credentials, you can then proceed using the public key of any darknet marketplace.

Encrypt Your Information Using PGP

The most common encryption is to protect the address that your vendor will use to ship your drugs or other items.

In the PGP tool, you will need to go to Encrypt.

In the Receiver’s Public Key, you need to insert your vendor/recipient Public Key.

In the plain text area, you could write your message.

Then press Encrypt PGP message.

It does not take a long time until an Encrypted message shows up. Copy it then send it to your Vendor. Your vendor will then decrypt your message using their own PGP key.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows
how to use pgp

Decrypt your information using PGP

Using the PG Tool, it is simple and straightforward to decrypt the messages.

Go to the Decrypt tab on the tool.

In the Receiver’s Private Key, paste your Private Key. And insert the message in the Encrypted PGP Message tab.

Press Decrypt Message and the message will be decrypted automatically.

PGP Windows Guide  – How To Use PGP on Windows
Decrypt a message with pgp tool